Where We Droppin'?

Trash belongs in the bin, not on the ground, so keep it off the map. Every chip bag, soda can, or whatever trash you’ve got, has a place and it’s not on our streets or in our rivers.

Why It Hits Different

By trashing your trash, you’re not only doing a solid for the environment but also for the animals, plants, and yourself. A cleaner world is a happier world for everyone.

Don't Take an L on Litter

Trash on the ground has bigger consequences than you might think. It pollutes our waterways, harms wildlife, and tarnishes the beauty of our neighborhoods. It’s time to take responsibility and make better choices.

Think Squads, Not Solos

Grab some friends and make a difference in your neighborhood. Every piece of trash you properly dispose of scores points for Team Earth.

Unlock an Acheivement

Who says doing the right thing can’t be a gg? Challenge your crew to a litter-picking showdown. Make it interesting – loser buys pizza. It’s not just a good deed; it’s a battle against litter.

What's in Your Kit?

Spot some litter? Lock on, grab…and SLAM DUNK that trash into the bin. For the stuff that’s sus, gear up with gloves, bags and a picker.


20 Years vs 20 Minutes

Hazardous waste, like batteries, can pollute the environment for decades, but a drive to a household hazardous waste facility can be less than 20 minutes away.

Items like CFL bulbs, oil-based paints, mercury thermometers, and automotive oil are all examples of waste received by most HHWs.

Take the Pledge

Do you pledge to dispose of your trash, to pick up litter when you see it, and to remember that clean streets equals clean rivers? Submit a pledge to make it official!


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