Less (or non-toxic) is More!

Using less or non-toxic alternatives in your garden is important for a healthy garden, the beneficial bugs, our waterways, and our ecosystem.

The Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership has collaborated with the Our Water Our World program to help consumers manage home and garden pests in a  manner that protects the environment.  The Our Water Our World program helps customers find less toxic products at participating home improvement stores and nurseries and provides education on pest control methods.


Check out the Our Water Our World website for resources!

How to Properly Dispose of Pesticides

Remember, pesticides, even less toxic ones, are toxic chemicals and should always be disposed of safely. 

  • Drop off any unused pesticides at a Household Hazardous Waste drop-off location instead
  • Pesticides can also be dropped off at a Recovery Station’s Special Waste drop-off area free of charge
  • Never pour unused pesticides outdoors or down storm drains
  • Never pour pesticides down indoor drains such as sinks, toilets and showers

Additional Resources

Stores that are participating in the Our Water Our World program have agreed to provide educational materials and small signs to make it easy for you to find non-toxic or less-toxic products in the store aisles. Check out the list of participating stores in the Sacramento area.


Below are some links for hazardous waste drop-off locations in Sacramento County.


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