What is Stormwater?

When it rains or when the sprinklers are running, where do you think the water goes? Does it soak into the ground? If you answered yes, you are partially right. Some of the water flows to sidewalks and streets. This is stormwater runoff. Where does the runoff go from there?

Where does the runoff go from there?


The water can’t soak through the streets, rooftops, and parking lots. This means that there’s more stormwater runoff in cities than in forests and fields. The water collects in street gutters and usually flows straight into a storm drain and right out to the river.


How does the runoff get dirty?


  • Rain carries oil and dirt left on streets by our automobiles.
  • Sprinklers wash pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers from our gardens and lawns.
  • Detergents, oils and grease from washing the car; leaves and grass clippings left in the gutter; trash and grime left on parking lots; all make runoff dirty.


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Remember– Only rain down the storm drain!


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