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100% of stormwater that runs off into the surrounding rivers and Delta is untreated?
Trash Your Trash

Clean neighborhoods make clean rivers
Litter from sidewalks, streets, parking lots, and nature areas eventually find its way into our rivers. This is because rain or outdoor water that runs through our neighborhoods picks up litter and debris and carries it into storm drains. When litter and other pollutants travel through our storm drains it goes directly to a creek or river, with no treatment. This pollutes our waterways and harms plants, fish, birds, and other aquatic life.
Litter wreaks havoc on our waterways. But you can help! Picking up the trash you see around your neighborhood will help protect our beautiful rivers. When you trash your trash, you create a cleaner river.

Tell us about Your clean-up
Did you host a clean-up? That’s awesome! Please share a little bit about your experience using the result submission button below.
Download our Toolkit + Host a clean-up
The best way for you to create a cleaner river is to host a neighborhood clean-up. Hosting a virtual or socially-distanced clean-up is easy, download our toolkit below for instructions.

Simple Actions For Businesses
Your business's litter prevention actions are important! Keep Sacramento's street and waterways clen with the the Simple Actions sheet. Download your copy below!
Pollutants Of Concern

Below is a list of some common pollutants found in or around our homes that negatively impact stormwater.

Weed Killers
Animal Waste
Used Motor Oil
Oil Based Paints

Plastic Jug with Skull and Crossbones
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