Steelhead Creek Cleanup @ The Grove 7/22/23

2180 Acoma St, Sacramento, CA 95815-3509, United States
We are excited to join Roland Brady (ARPF Mile Steward for Steelhead) and Crystal Tobias with Friends of Steelhead Creek to clean their adopted spot. They have been working for years trying to restore and document the destruction illegal camps and dumping has caused to this fragile environment. They have even used horses to remove trash and invasive plants.
This meetup location is a little hard to find. At 9am sharp we will caravan onto the parkway, to our cleanup site. Late comers will not be accommodated. Folks that might need to leave early are welcome.
The event will range in difficulty from moderate to hard and may not be suitable for children under the age of 16. There will be something for almost everyone as we will be cleaning in the creek and up above, on land.
We will provide bags, but please bring along your sturdy footwear, grabbers, buckets, and gloves – a limited number of loaner buckets and grabbers may be available. If there is water in the creek, participants will be required to wear rain boots or waders if they intend to get into the water. Entry into any waters is always optional.
As with all events shared on our Page, participation is performed solely at your own risk. Please place safety FIRST and do only what you feel comfortable doing. Moreover, participants will be required to sign a Release and Waiver form if they have not done so previously.
Overall, be safe, have fun and get some “Exercise with a Purpose”!, as Bill Templin says.
Thank you! 💚
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