Sacramento Valley Conservancy – Vernal Pools Speaker Series

Join us at Camp Pollock on Thursday, February 9, from 6-8pm to learn about vernal pools. Carol Witham will help us to explore the short-lived, weird-looking, fascinating fauna that evolved millions of years ago, and dazzling swaths of tens of thousands of tiny flowers that change from week to week through a two- to- three month “season.” This tour of California vernal pools will answer questions such as “what makes a vernal pool” and “why are they found almost nowhere but California” plus explore vernal pools from throughout the state.

Carol Witham is a self-taught vernal pool ecologist and has been studying that ecosystem for over three decades. She is a private consultant specializing rare plants and animals of vernal pools plus their management. Carol is author of Field Guide to the Vernal Pools of Mather Field, Sacramento County and co-editor of Jepson Prairie Preserve Handbook, 3rd Edition. She is also very active in vernal pool conservation advocacy and education.

Please RSVP by 6pm the evening prior. Space is limited. Parking and admission are free, but donations are encouraged ($5-$20 per person recommended).

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