Sacramento Picks It Up – Encina High School

12/28/2022 11:00 - 13:00

Location: Encina High School along Hurley Way

Time: 11 a.m.


Hurley Way along Encina High School is disgusting, and a lot of the debris ends up in the slough nearby — Chicken Ranch Slough. As are the unused sports fields along Wayland Ave at the fence line.

What you need: Gloves, grabbers, bucket, and maybe an iron rake would help.

Where to park: I’m going to ask the high school admin if we can park in their lot, but for now, I suggest parking along Hurley Way or on the side streets of Wayland Ave or Clinton Ave (Not to be confused with the same streets off of Arden Way that lead to Encina. You will need to drive down Hurley to get to the side streets there, and park in the neighborhood.)

Where to meet: In front of the (locked) side gate to the soccer/football field adjacent to Hurley Way. We will do a meet/greet/intro there and then clean up along Hurley Way, then migrate by vehicle or walk through the neighborhood to the backside of Encina to clean up the area by the unused baseball field. The back gate should be unlocked.

Please note details of where to park may change based on whether or not I’m able to get permission from school admin regarding access!

Also, please note I do not want to disturb any camps on Dealynn Ave.

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