Sacramento Picks it Up!

11/13/2022 09:00 - 12:00

Location: 201 W. El Camino Ave

Time: 9 a.m.

Difficulty Level: 1 – 4


IMPORTANT CLEANUP—let’s get the trash before the high water does! For the first time, SPIU teams up with RD 1000 to remove trash on the right bank of Steelhead Creek.

We’ll be removing trash adjacent to occupied camps but with the campers’ knowledge. Debris is in the “high-flow” channel and will be pulled up the bank to the levee for pick up by RD 1000.

Where: High-flow channel at the confluence of Steelhead and Arcade Creeks, and on Steelhead across from the infamous “Tim’s camp” (well known by those on the Inter-agency cleanup last month).

Meet at: 0900 sharp at 201 W. El Camino — the east side entrance on the levee road along Steelhead Creek (opposite of the Inter-agency site). We will drive to the site and park along the levee so vehicles will be safe and close. PLEASE be punctual since we have to lock the gate behind us.

Difficulty: 3-4 in the channel (wet spots but not inundated) with plenty of 1-2 on the levee and terrace. YES, there are mattresses and shopping carts!

Organized by: Roland Brady and Crystal Tobias. Thanks to Tony from RD 1000 and Rich from Regional Water Quality Control Board for their collaboration.

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