Sacramento Earth Day – Southside Park

Sacramento Earth Day is hosted by ECOS. This year’s theme is GROW NATIVE.

This theme is about expanding the use of native plants in our region, in city streetscapes and home landscapes – how they withstand drought and heat conditions; use little water; provide a beneficial habitat to insects, pollinators, birds, and animals; create sustainable, cool, and shady streetscapes, as well as beautiful home landscapes.

Experts on native plant gardening and water usage will be available to advise. We will be able to see and touch examples of local native plant communities and learn about growing conditions. Nurseries with plants for sale will be on site. Bring your gardening questions!

The ECOS-hosted Sacramento Earth Day is the largest Earth Day celebration in the Sacramento region. It’s free, and it provides thousands of attendees with information on sustainability. This year’s theme is GROW NATIVE.


∙ On the central green in Southside Park, experts will advise on native plants, water conservation, and streetscape/landscape techniques. Nurseries will have native plants for sale.

∙ In addition, more than 100 exhibitors will provide information on climate change, air quality, transportation and land use planning, green building, environmental justice, renewable energy, water policy, and habitat conservation. Others will showcase voting, human rights, health and human services, religion, and arts and crafts.

∙ Exhibitors will include non-profits, governmental jurisdictions, agencies, and elected officials, crafts persons, for-profit companies that value sustainability, healthy food vendors, electric vehicles, and the Sacramento Public Library for children’s books — and they will be prepared to discuss career and employment opportunities in their fields.

∙ Sacramento Regional Transit has been invited to provide free rides to/from the park and Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates will offer bike valet services.

∙ The Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association will display 20 EVs, e-motorcycles, and electric pickup trucks; will discuss how to use an EV to backup your home power.


ECOS has hosted Sacramento Earth Day since 2006. From its inception in 1970, Earth Day was meant to move public opinion toward more environmental protection, to mobilize against environmental assaults to air, water, and land, and to grow voters. Progress has been made over the fifty years however the challenge of climate change today is real and huge. Let’s use Sacramento Earth Day as an opportunity to network, to learn how to influence elected officials and companies, and press for stronger environmental legislation. Let’s also enjoy Sacramento Earth Day. It’s good for the family, people of all ages. It’s a party.

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