RCWA – Arcade Crk Cleanup at Norwood (4.0)

Our apologies, but this will be an 18 and Over Event due to numerous active encampments in the area.
With recent high waters now receding, we plan to continue with this new area of Arcade Creek to remove soaked and muddy trash and debris campers did not move out of harm’s way when waters were higher. This event will be conducted in coordination with American River Flood Control District who has graciously agreed to haul off all of the trash and encampment debris we pile up. And this will also be a BIG one.
Sturdy, waterproof boots,long sleeves and long pants are recommended. Folks desiring to enter the creek will need hip or chest waders. This will be an easy to difficult level event with uneven terrain.
RCWA will provide bags, but please bring along your grabbers, buckets, and gloves – a limited number of loaner buckets and grabbers may be available.
As with all events shared on RCWA, participation is performed solely at your own risk. Please place safety FIRST and do only what you feel comfortable doing. Moreover, participants will be required to sign a Release and Waiver form if they have not done so previously.
Overall, be safe, have fun and get some “Exercise with a Purpose” as Bill Templin says.
Thank you!💚
River City Waterway Alliance
“Restoring & Protecting Our Waterways”
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