RCWA – Arcade Creek Mop Up @Keoncrest

We will be returning to remove what the winter storms have flushed downstream. We will be focusing on the trash and debris within the creek channel and welcome anyone who would like to clean along the top banks.
There is water in the channel but boots should be good, except for a few deeper pools of water. We will be meeting along Keoncrest and entering behind the apartments.
This cleanup will have some challenging access spots into the creek and may require a rope to get into the channel, however, there are some flat spots as well for easy pickin’.
The event will range in difficulty from moderate to hard and will not be suitable for children under the age of 16.
We will provide bags, but please bring along your sturdy WATERPROOF footwear, grabbers, buckets, and gloves – a limited number of loaner buckets and grabbers may be available. There will be water in the creek, fairly deep in a few spots. Participants will be required to wear rain boots or waders if they intend to get into the water. The water is quite chilly this time of year. Entry into any waters is always optional.
As with all events shared on our Page, participation is performed solely at your own risk. Please place safety FIRST and do only what you feel comfortable doing. Moreover, participants will be required to sign a Release and Waiver form if they have not done so previously.
Overall, be safe, have fun and get some “Exercise with a Purpose”!, as Bill Templin says. Thank you! 💚
Arcade Creek Adopt-A-Creek Project
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