Elk Grove Anti-Trash – Pinkerton Park Plus Laguna Creek

Picking up where we left off (sort of 😉), we will meet at Pinkerton Park on June 1 to get an area that needs help once in awhile.
We will fan out in all directions, clean the park, the trails, the creek (mud boots may be needed), and hit Lewis Stein, Michener Way, and West Stockton.
The terrain varies so wear appropriate shoes for slopes and fields.
Elk Grove is worth the work!
New to cleanups? Please arrive early to get signed in and get gear. If you have supplies, please bring your own gloves, buckets, bags, but we have items for you. Buckets, gloves, grabbers, vests, bags.
Please wear appropriate clothing, boots 🥾 or closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, hats, and bring your own water.
All cleanups are done at your own risk, but safety first! Our trash safety talk starts promptly at 9:00 am.
See you soon!!
Let’s Clean Elk Grove together!

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