Elk Grove Anti-Trash – North Laguna Creek Area

Sometimes we return to our popular spots to do a little maintenance and mop up. These areas are often heavily used, and frequented by campers and then abandoned.
We will have plenty of trash from abandoned camps as well as regular trail trash. Will be looking under the bushes, along the fence line, along the grass edge to get this place looking good again. For anybody willing to head down to the shoreline going westward, you’ll find some washout trash as well as some tumbled down trash from camps.
Best places to park would be across the street from the Laguna Creek Apartments at the UA Laguna Village theaters. You can also park along Center Parkway just west of the tiny park where we will be staging the trash.
We recommend wearing rubber boots since we will be in weeds and foxtails, and a little bit of stickers. You can also wear hiking boots with gaiters to protect your ankles and legs from stickers.
The terrain will be somewhat uneven, since we will be occasionally off trail and down slopes.
We hope to work all the way Westward to the channel that has trash and some rocky slopes (and across Center Parkway to the channel on the other side), and then eastward all the way to Bruceville Road.
New to cleanups? Please arrive early to get signed in and get gear. If you have supplies, please bring your own gloves, buckets, bags, but we have items for you. Loaner buckets, gloves, grabbers, vests, bags.
Please wear appropriate clothing, boots 🥾 or closed-toe shoes (as recommended above), sunscreen, bug spray, hats, and bring your own water.
All cleanups are done at your own risk, but safety first! Our trash safety talk starts promptly at 9:00 am.
See you soon!!
Let’s Clean Elk Grove together!
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