American River Cleanup @ The ‘Pipe Bridge’ Bicycle Bridge along the Sacramento Northern Bikeway. 6/17

Location: American River Parkway Pipe Bridge


If you have ever crossed the river on bicycle bridge near Blue Diamond, and looked down at near the river, you have seen the disgusting pile of trash. It has been accumulating here for years. Much washed downstream during the floods. We will focus on these steep banks, where no one else will go.
Waterproof footwear will be helpful but sturdy shoes/boots should work just fine. This will be an difficult level event with a moderate walk. There is plenty easy trash nearby for those not able to brave the riverfront. There is something for everyone (16 years and over recommended).
Check back here for more details about the event including parking.
RCWA will provide bags, but please bring along your sturdy footwear, grabbers, buckets, and gloves – a limited number of loaner buckets and grabbers may be available. There might be water in some sections of the cleanup area.
As with all events shared on RCWA, participation is performed solely at your own risk. Please place safety FIRST and do only what you feel comfortable doing. Moreover, participants will be required to sign a Release and Waiver form if they have not done so previously.
Overall, be safe, have fun and get some “Exercise with a Purpose” as Bill Templin says.
Thank you!💚
River City Waterway Alliance
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