"Where We Droppin'"?

If you hear someone ask that and they’re holding a piece of garbage, there’s only one answer. Trash belongs in the bin, not on the ground. Every chip bag, soda can, or whatever trash you’ve got, has a place. And spoiler alert: it’s not on our streets or in our rivers.

Why It Actually Hits Different

The world’s not your personal dumpster. By trashing your trash, you’re not only doing a solid for the environment but also for the animals, plants, and, well, yourself. Think about it – a cleaner world is a happier world for everyone.


The Lowdown on Litter

That ‘oops’ moment when trash ends up on the ground has bigger consequences than you might think. It pollutes our waterways, harms wildlife, and tarnishes the beauty of our neighborhoods. It’s time to take responsibility and make better choices.

Think Squads, Not Solos

You can’t reboot the planet after it’s been finished. Luckily, no one’s playing this solo. Think of it like the ultimate co-op game, but IRL. Grab some friends and make a difference in your neighborhood! Every piece of trash you properly dispose of scores points for Team Earth.


Make It a Challenge

Who says doing the right thing can’t be a blast? Challenge your crew to a litter-picking showdown. Make it interesting – loser buys pizza. It’s not just a good deed; it’s a battle against litter (and some free ‘za).


Tools of the Trade

Spot some litter? Here’s the play: lock on, grab…and SLAM DUNK that trash into the bin. For the more sus-looking stuff, gear up with gloves, bags and a picker.



20 Years vs 20 Minutes

Hazardous waste, such as a battery, can pollute the environment for decades. Meanwhile, a drive to your local Household Hazardous Waste facility is no more than 20 minutes away. Do the right thing, and get it to its proper place!



The Cost of Being Trashy

Think littering’s just an eyesore? Think again. It’s burning through our cash, cash that could boost community projects. Let’s save our dough for the stuff that counts.



Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Keeping our planet looking and feeling good is solid. It’s all about respect. So next time you’re about to yeet that wrapper, think twice. Make the choice to keep our world looking sharp. Let’s all agree to Trash Our Trash!



Take the Pledge

Do you pledge to dispose of your trash, to pick up litter when you see it, and to remember that clean streets equals clean rivers? Submit a pledge to make it official!


Learn More

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