River-Friendly Landscaping
River-Friendly Landscaping practices are designed to help you create a healthy, beautiful, vibrant yard while conserving water, reducing yard waste, and preventing pollution of our air and local rivers. 

Benefits to you:
  • Saves money on water, fertilizers, and pesticides
  • Reduces green waste in your landscape
  • Requires less maintenance such as mowing and trimming
  • Attracts wonderful birds and butterflies to your garden
Benefits to the community and the environment:
  • Conserves landfill space
  • Reduces air pollution by reducing the amount of green waste that needs to be transported
  • Improves water quality by reducing pollution
For more information, visit the River-Friendly Landscaping website.

Visit the Ecolandscape California’s Event Calendar to find workshops and events that teach you about River-Friendly Landscaping practices. 

Do you need help creating a River-Friendly Landscaping? Click here to see a list of qualified professional landscapers who have been trained on River-Friendly Landscaping practices.

Capital Public Radio Garden
The CapRadio Garden, located at Sac State, demonstrates sustainable gardening practices that use water and land wisely and showcases many of the River Friendly Landscaping principles. Additionally, the garden assists in teaching about nutrition, conservation, and wildlife. The garden serves as an educational tool hosting both hands on activities and lectures to discuss and teach about the issues surrounding food. Garden maintenance is taken of care off in part by local high school students and the produce from the garden is donated to local food banks. 

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