Report Illegal Dumping
Illegal dumping is a serious issue.

Dumping materials into the storm drain or ditches on your street allows those materials to flow untreated to local creeks, streams and rivers. These are vital sources of drinking water and a place where we all swim and play. We all play a role in keeping our waterways clean, safe and healthy!

It is also important to know that illegally dumping materials in storm drains is an environmental crime. In Sacramento County, and its incorporated cities, it is illegal to knowingly dump or discharge hazardous materials into the storm drain system and the Cities and/or Sacramento County can impose fines on violators when they are caught.

Storm drains are designed for catching rain water only. Dumping trash or other pollutants down storm drain inlets is illegal and is a violation of the Federal Clean Water Act of 1972 as well as the Cities and Sacramento County's Stormwater Ordinances. If a neighbor is disposing of trash in the storm drain, they may not understand that drain inlets directly connect to our creeks and rivers. If you have an amicable relationship with your neighbor, it may be just a matter of informing and making them aware of its environmental impact. If it is someone who you are not comfortable approaching or you feel is knowingly violating and repeatedly dumping into storm drains, please call the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership at (916) 808-4H2O(4426).

What types of materials are often dumped?

•Motor oil
•Construction and demolition debris
•Yard trimmings
•Household garbage
•Medical waste
To report illegal dumping into storm drains, please call (916) 808-4H2O(4426) immediately to report the dump site.

Two steel drums laying on their side with oil leaking out.
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