River-Friendly Pest Control

Pesticides are often found in local creeks and rivers at levels that cause environmental harm.

River-Friendly Pest Control improves pest management and reduces pesticide risks by implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It focuses on preventing pest problems by

  • eliminating conditions that support pest populations
  • promoting healthy soil and pest resistant plants
  • supporting beneficial organisms

In River-Friendly Pest Control, pesticides are used only when clearly necessary, utilizing least toxic chemicals and application methods. By implementing River-Friendly Pest Control, it is often possible to greatly reduce and even eliminate use of the most toxic pesticides in and around your house and garden.

Benefits of River-Friendly Pest Control include

  • more effective, longer lasting pest control
  • reduced risks to humans and pets
  • improved water quality
  • protection of wildlife
  • higher populations of beneficial insects
  • better soil health

Key Resources

Whether you do it yourself, or hire a professional, extensive resources are available to help you effectively manage common pest problems, while reducing risks associated with pesticides.

Resources for Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers):

Hiring River Friendly/IPM certified professionals

For pests associated with your home or other buildings: We recommend that you obtain certified IPM services from businesses participating in IPM Certification programs, IPM certified professionals rely on detailed knowledge of pest biology to reduce pesticide use while effectively preventing and managing pests in and around your home and business.



For landscapers


  Green Gardener program

You may be treating more than your yard… Fertilizers and pesticides placed on your yard can end up in our waterways.

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