Stormwater Quality Design Manual
The Stormwater Quality Design Manual for Sacramento Region provides locally-adapted information for design and selection of multiple categories of stormwater quality control measures: source control, hydromodification control, treatment control, and low impact development measures. The 2018 edition of the Design Manual is based on the 2007 Stormwater Quality Design Manual for the Sacramento and South Placer Regions, but has been revised to incorporate hydromodification management and low impact development design standards.

Important Update- Revised Stormwater Quality Design Manual Exemption Language  The effective date of the revision is July 19, 2021.

Not sure which stormwater quality requirements apply to your project? Check out Table 3-2 and Table 3-3 

Want to know how many LID points you need for your project, or how much volume you need to treat? Please see the revised residential and commercial LID Credits Worksheets! 

The Partnership conducted a public workshop about the revised Design Manual on October 27, 2017. Here is a link to the presentation slides: Design Manual Review

The revised Design Manual was posted for public review from October 4, 2017 to January 2, 2018.  For a list of all the comments received and responses to comments, please click here.

Please review this table for agency policy on including low impact development features in the Right-Of-Way

Have questions? We are here to help. Please submit questions to Archie Wright (County of Sacramento) at or Fernando Duenas (City of Sacramento) at

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