Sustainable Landscaping Workshops — Rescape CA offers trainings to landscape professionals and residents on how to create an eco-friendly or sustainable landscape. Topics include watersmart landscaping, less toxic pest management practices, soil health, plant selection, and many more!
New Year, New Pests Webinar (January 20, 2022) — Register for UC IPM’s webinar on invasive species presented by Karey Windbiel-Rojas, Associate Director for Urban & Community IPM. You'll learn about why invasive species are a problem, different types of key invasive species in California, and what action you can take to reduce their spread.
Fruit Tree & Seasonal Garden Care (January 20, 2022) — Join this FREE webinar which will cover topics like fruit tree care, dormant season pruning, bare-root planting tips, and helpful seasonal garden care. If you have fruit trees, or looking to grow more, including berries, grapes, and a variety of perennial vegetables, this is the program for you!
Bed Bug Prevention Webinar (February 16, 2022) — Do you know what’s in your bed? Register for UC IPM’s webinar on beg bug prevention presented by Dr. Siavash Taravati, Area IPM Advisor in Southern California.
Rose & Seasonal Garden Care (February 20, 2022) — The variety of roses we can grow is astounding, and roses can provide nearly year-round blooms in our gardens. @OurWaterOurWorld is hosting a FREE webinar on rose care to teach you everything you need to know to make a rose garden rivaling McKinley Park!

Family Friendly
Landscape and Nursery Expo (January)—Businesses from all around participate in this annual event. Residents can learn various landscape techniques as well as purchase supplies, equipment, and attend educational seminars.
Sacramento Earth Day—Come visit diverse business, non-profit, cultural and government vendors with practical information, goods and services for saving money, living healthier, and protecting the environment.
Earth Fest at the Sacramento Zoo (April)—This Earth Fest promotes the importance of worldwide conservation with the Zoo’s environmental educational event. Come join the earth-day party with interactive games, crafts, and entertainment.
Creek Week—Residents coming together to care for our local waterways.
Harvest Festival (August) — Held each summer at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center. Enjoy educational booths, demonstrations, how-to-sessions, garden tours, and tree fruit, grape, and veggie tasting.

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