Integrated Pest Management
What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a natural way to manage your yard and garden by using non-toxic methods to combat garden pests. It may sound complicated, but it is actually very easy to practice IPM at home!

Simple Steps to IPM

Less is More
Chemicals in your yard kill both good and bad bugs. Use less-toxic or non-toxic alternative methods of pest and weed control to keep your garden-friendly bugs on your side and unwanted bugs under control. There are lots of simple ideas online or look for convenient eco-friendly options at your local garden or hardware supply store. Learn more about less or non-toxic alternatives.

Attraction is Essential
Attract and keep beneficial bugs in your yard and let them do the work for you. Plant flowers and shrubs that attract the bugs you want in your garden.  You will notice a reduced need to use chemicals to control “bad bugs” when you have lots of these good bugs around. Unwanted bugs will always be in your garden—a healthy garden will still thrive even with them there. Learn more about beneficial insects.

Choose Plants Wisely
Select pest and disease resistant plants as well as plants that attract good bugs to keep a healthy balance of garden friends close by. Plants that are native to your area will adapt best to the climate making them stronger and healthier. Plants like rosemary, zinnia and coyote brush are some great options for your yard. Learn more about plants that attract. 

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