Less (or non-toxic) is More!
Using less or non-toxic alternatives in your garden is important for a healthy garden, the beneficial bugs, our waterways, and our ecosystem. 

Here are some resources for less or non-toxic methods from our partners at Our Water Our World:
Managing Pests Naturally
Less Toxic Products based on pests
Less Toxic Products based on ingredient
Less Toxic Products A-Z
Sacramento Store Locator

Remember, pesticides, even less toxic ones, are toxic chemicals and should always be disposed of safely. 
  • Drop off any unused pesticides at a Household Hazardous Waste drop-off location instead
  • Pesticides can also be dropped off at a Recovery Station's Special Waste drop-off area free of charge
  • Never pour unused pesticides outdoors or down storm drains
  • Never poue pesticides down indoor drains such as sinks, toilets and showers
Below are some links for hazardouse waste drop-off locations in Sacramento County. 
Curbside Garbage Collection 
Household Hazardous Waste Facility
The Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership is a proud partner of the CapRadio Garden at Sacramento State University.  The CapRadio Garden provides a beautiful environment to learn about organic gardening, including less toxic alternatives to pesticides, and sustainability for our future.  To learn more about the garden or to plan a visit, check out www.capradio.org/garden
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