Stormwater Quality Design Manual
The Stormwater Quality Design Manual for Sacramento and South Placer Regions provides locally-adapted information for design and selection of three categories of stormwater quality control measures: source control, runoff reduction and treatment control. Although most of the manual is intended as guidance, there are several required items, whereby no flexibility can be afforded by the local permitting agencies:
  • Table 3-2 indicates types of projects subject to the development standards and thresholds for determining what types of control measures apply to the project.
  • Maintenance agreements or covenants are required for selected control measures (see Appendix B).
  • Sizing methodology for sizing water quality flow (WQF)-based measures (e.g., vegetated swale) and water quality volume (WQV)-based measures (e.g., water quality detention basin). See Appendix E.
    The local permitting agencies may allow the use of alternative stormwater quality control measures that are not described in the new design manual, but since the approval process may take longer and approval is not guaranteed, site designers proposing to use alternative measures should consult with the permitting agency early in the design process (e.g., before planning application is made). 

Download Documents:
Download the Excel (.xls) version of the Runoff Reduction Credit Worksheets from Appendix D of the Design Manual
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