New Development

The Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership's New Development program addresses post-construction stormwater quantity and quality from new development and re-development projects. The goal is to protect local creeks and rivers by reducing the discharge of pollutants found in stormwater resulting from new developments to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP) and by mitigating increased flows that can cause erosion and degrade habitat.

NEW! Draft Stormwater Design Manual

The Draft Sacramento Region Stormwater Quality Design Manual is now available for public review. This edition of the design manual is based on the 2007 Stormwater Quality Design Manual for the Sacramento and South Placer Regions, but has been revised to incorporate hydromodification management and low impact development design standards.

Please submit comments or questions to Archie Wright (County of Sacramento) and Dalia Fadl (City of Sacramento) using this excel table. Comments can be submitted until 5:00 PM on Friday, January 31, 2014

Sacramento Area Hydrology Model (SAHM)

The Sacramento Area Hydrology Model (SAHM)
was developed by the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership (Partnership) as part of the Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP) project. This tool is intended to assist Engineers in designing BMPs that meet upcoming hydromodification management requirements. The Partnership’s proposed hydromodification management requirements are presented in the revised HMP that was submitted to Central Valley Regional Board for approval in February 2013. It is anticipated that the HMP will be approved in early 2014.

Project applicants may use this tool for site planning and evaluation purposes. However, the calculator may not be used for project approval purposes at this time. 

SAHM (beta version); SAHM User's Manual

You may contact Dalia Fadl, City of Sacramento if you have questions regarding this tool.

Design Manual

Sacramento Stormwater Quality Design Manual – Current technical guidance manual to meet stormwater management requirements in the NPDES permit for new development and re-development priority project

- Priority Project and Stormwater Quality Control Measure Selection Matrix
- Proprietary Stormwater Quality Treatment Devices

Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP) 
• Pilot Project for Hydromodification Management
• Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership Hydromodification Management Plan (revised February 14, 2013)

Low Impact Development (LID) Standards (coming soon) – join the stakeholder list, please email

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