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100% of stormwater that runs off into the surrounding rivers and Delta is untreated?
As residents in Sacramento County, it's important to know what causes stormwater pollution and what can be done to keep it clean. Approximately 80% of pollutants in our water are caused by residents just from things people do everyday such as driving, watering our lawn or accidently dropping a gum wrapper on the ground.

As water from rain, sprinklers and hoses pass over driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and streets, it picks up pollutants such as dirt, chemicals and litter. This stormwater runoff then goes into a nearby storm drain inlet and is carried directly into the river, untreated, bringing all the pollutants with it.

Although it seems like a small thing when considering one individual house or lot, polluted stormwater runoff from all of our residential areas collectively possess a great threat to our waters.

Learn what you can do to protect our environment and improve water quality by managing stormwater runoff in our neighborhoods.
Love Your Landscaping
Landscaping practices designed to help you create a healthy, beautiful, vibrant yard while conserving water and preventing pollution of our air and local rivers…
Pollutants Of Concern

Below is a list of some common pollutants found in or around our homes that negatively impact stormwater.

Weed Killers
Animal Waste
Used Motor Oil
Oil Based Paints

Plastic Jug with Skull and Crossbones
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